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My paintings often evoke acoustic memories within atmospheric architectural spaces. I like to paint interior spaces, thresholds, and viewpoints which invoke a sense of spaciousness and inner peace, as well as abstracts and expressive landscapes.


I work from memory, photographs, and my imagination, applying various textures, layers and technical qualities to the painted surface to evoke a sense of dimension, acoustic, and properties of light. The paintings are often framed from a filmic viewpoint, incorporating reflective surfaces and counterintuitive perspectives. They sit between realism and impressionism and often include characteristic elements from my own background, as well as occasional playful abstraction.

Commission proposals are welcome. The paintings I produce usually refer to photographs of a chosen space or viewpoint within atmospheric and architectural spaces.

Selected shows

2023 REVEAL, solo art fair showing at SECC, Glasgow

2022 Open Studio, Glasgow

2017-2019 - Group exhibitions at MUTUAL Artist Cooperative, Edinburgh

2017 F.E.A.R – Solo film and sound installation, Old Fire Station, Carlisle

2017 INVIGORATE – Group exhibition, Vallum Gallery, CIA, Brampton Rd, Carlisle

2017 RULE 10 – Video and sound installation as part of group exhibition, Scalesceugh Hall, Carleton

2016 SPECTRUM – Group MA exhibition, Institute of Arts, Brampton Rd, Carlisle

2007 V&A 150th Anniversary Album - Digital collage in collaboration with Elizabeth Fritsch

1998 GLUED – Sound installation in collaboration with Raine Smith, Bow Wharf, London


My experience and background is in art, music, acoustics, product design, and sound engineering. I work across a range of media and technologies including painting, installation, music, sound and video mapping.

I completed an MA in Contemporary Fine Art at the University of Cumbria’s Institute of the Arts in 2017 with merit. I have a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education (2007); Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control (1994); and gained BSc Hons in Engineering Product Design (1989). From 2017-2022 I was based at Mutual, an artist-run studio co-operative in Edinburgh and in 2022 moved to set up my own studio in Glasgow. My mother is the celebrated British ceramic artist Elizabeth Fritsch CBE and I look after her archive and online interests.

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